Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Tonya mentioned the link that led to my tracking down the next link-here is that link (scroll down)
Inspired by reading a link that led me here, I have two boxes , one medium size and one large size priority flat rate packed and ready to seal. The large is 13.95 and the medium is 10.95. I point the prices out as he quotes a 11.95 figure which, I believe is no longer valid. The reason they are not sealed and being sent on their way (that happens tomorrow) is, I am taking them to guild meeting tonight.

I belong to a small guild (140ish) members who have huge hearts when it comes to giving back.

I think a physical example of what I am sending will inspire them to go home and do the same thing. Many of our members do NOT go on the internet-so giving them an online address won't cut it. Of course I will give that information out to many of our members who are internet savvy.

Along with the boxes I will provide address copies and I printed out his one page - what to send, the link above. The great thing about this project is the deadline- September 7th. I do so much better when I have a cut off point to get something done.

I only scratched the surface of my stash of bonus blocks and a few ufos given to me that would not work for young children but are perfect for this type of donation.

I wrapped my bundles in yardage of fabrics as well. I am so tickled at the idea of creative women across the world enjoying my fabric bundles.

He said you could also send yarn, ribbons, sewing supplies of all kinds, buttons, notions..whatever you have extra or no longer need will be put to use by someone who doesn't have the chance to go shopping like we do.

I hope this inspires you as well.

wow, two posts in one day...


featuring Alice in August

Alice and her daddy came by during the FAB retreat-as you can see Daddy and Alice read together quite a bit. Later, after Daddy left there was a popcicle break with friends and
playing with scraps and dinosaurs.

I am playing catch up on life stuff going on...but...quilting will be showing up soon!
and blog visiting/commenting too :-)

Life is good! choose a joyful day


Monday, August 17, 2009

a bit of the FAB retreat and more

Various FABS have been posting their photos and how they enjoyed the time together-the links on the left will take you to LJ -( Linda), Norma, Pam, and Pat. Though I believe Pat went from here on to another vacation time.

We had bonus visits from Pat's daughter, Michelle, Norma's mom, Mayvis, and my son and his daughter also dropped by. I would say it was a lively full house of people having lots of fun!

There was sewing, and laughing, and talking, and eating, and some fabric shopping, and some more fabric shopping, and eating out and eating in and in general just having the best of times together.

It's hard to pick which photos to chose, so I am going to post a few and then consider whether I need to post more.

I am putting up the various friendship blocks we each received...a fun little bonus to play with.

Two of us chose wonky houses, Norma's includes the one with the appliqued house-we all tried to swipe it by the way! just too cute done by Linda.

The other wonky houses are for me-the stars are Pat's, the single block is what Pam asked for, and that leaves Linda's with her in the photo as well.

I will save more photos for a later post that include Alice and the fun she had visiting.

I actually have worked on an idea inspired from the Sisters Quilt show and just need to do the small amount of hand quilting to be done.

Thanks for stopping by- it's been too long since I took some time to post...I will see if I can't be a bit more chatty here :-)


Thursday, August 06, 2009

much later today....

I have taken an extended break from quilting and blogging- obviously! All sorts of LIFE stuff has been sucking up my time and then, there has been playing Farm Town over at Facebook. Apparently I needed the down time.

Later today- the FABS+2 will be arriving for supper at my house, after shopping at Fabric Depot. This week I finally sprung into action to get ready for our first fabulous Fabs retreat. All sorts of cleaning and clearing out has been acheived.

I just need to hunt down one more surprise that I put away for this long awaited time.

I have cut everything for the pattern Norma posted about here. Scroll down one post . All my fabric came from my stash or was fabric given to me and I look forward to seeing how it works up. My plan is to give this quilt to someone who could use a good cheering up. (their choice of colors)

My friendship blocks have been ready for a week, I just need to snap a photo before handing them over.

And, while I was gearing up for this quilting retreat, I went ahead and finished cutting the rest of the template curved block parts from my Freddy Moran class in July. I have a feeling this retreat will get my quilting groove back.

I have enjoyed not quilting and not even being in blogland much-a break has been a good thing.

I am still mentally thinking several quilt inspired ideas out - all from the fabulous time I had at Sisters in July. I played with one idea and I need to do a bit more before I can decide whether it's going to work or not.

Mostly family and work and house stuff has really kept me busy-that and the recent heat wave really drained all energy to do anything once I came home from work. So glad that the weather has cooled off -

I have stayed up too late sorting through various stacks and containers in here and tidying up as I went along. Each time I go on the hunt for something I bought and tucked away in a "safe" place I swear...never again. It's off to dreamland for me now.