Thursday, August 06, 2009

much later today....

I have taken an extended break from quilting and blogging- obviously! All sorts of LIFE stuff has been sucking up my time and then, there has been playing Farm Town over at Facebook. Apparently I needed the down time.

Later today- the FABS+2 will be arriving for supper at my house, after shopping at Fabric Depot. This week I finally sprung into action to get ready for our first fabulous Fabs retreat. All sorts of cleaning and clearing out has been acheived.

I just need to hunt down one more surprise that I put away for this long awaited time.

I have cut everything for the pattern Norma posted about here. Scroll down one post . All my fabric came from my stash or was fabric given to me and I look forward to seeing how it works up. My plan is to give this quilt to someone who could use a good cheering up. (their choice of colors)

My friendship blocks have been ready for a week, I just need to snap a photo before handing them over.

And, while I was gearing up for this quilting retreat, I went ahead and finished cutting the rest of the template curved block parts from my Freddy Moran class in July. I have a feeling this retreat will get my quilting groove back.

I have enjoyed not quilting and not even being in blogland much-a break has been a good thing.

I am still mentally thinking several quilt inspired ideas out - all from the fabulous time I had at Sisters in July. I played with one idea and I need to do a bit more before I can decide whether it's going to work or not.

Mostly family and work and house stuff has really kept me busy-that and the recent heat wave really drained all energy to do anything once I came home from work. So glad that the weather has cooled off -

I have stayed up too late sorting through various stacks and containers in here and tidying up as I went along. Each time I go on the hunt for something I bought and tucked away in a "safe" place I swear...never again. It's off to dreamland for me now.



At 12:23 AM, Blogger Clare said...

Facebook is so time consuming. One minute there you are sitting at the computer and the next minute 2 hours have gone by!

Glad you had a great summer. Alice is gorwing up fast.


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