Saturday, September 12, 2009

ending the evening on a sewing note

Alice's visit today was so short, I failed to get any photos! We managed to get to the park and I pushed her in the swing until I was sure my arms were going to fall off :-) that girl loves to swing!
higher, higher she sings....and with her infectious laugh, well, you can't help but keep her going.

I put her down for her nap and while she settles down I am in the next room with an ear tuned in.
There were the usual sounds and small fussing and pretty soon, quiet. When we got her up ( her momma arrived while she was still sleeping) I realized she had gotten up to find "her" pillow. She cracks me up...I made a flannel pillow case for a small size pillow when she was old enough to use it in her porta crib...I guess a regular pillow just won't do now! There was the regular pillow tossed on the floor and her small flannel covered pillow on the bed...and her frogs still clutched in each hand.

M called to say the Folk Music Festival in Sisters was so much fun she was spending another night so she could spend all day enjoying the music. That meant I did not have to push to get the garage back in order - and as I had already picked up the house for Alice's visit-plus did laundry and changed the sheets on the bed- grocery shopped after Alice left- well...the evening was mine to do as I wished. I cleared the sewing table of odds and ends dumped on it from Alice's bed and finished up all the blocks that were almost done. I now have 36 blocks up on the design wall- with another 12 left to do. The strip sets ran short, so I need to make up the last side for these blocks. I have the fabric cut and ready to work on in the morning.

I am happy to make some progress on this project-it doesn't have a deadline as such, I just want to get it finished so I can hand it over to the person it's meant for.

And, it's only Saturday night- a whole day tomorrow to find some time to finish the last twelve blocks and start putting them together. Once it's a top, I will post a photo.

happy weekend everyone



At 10:58 AM, Blogger Silverthimble said...

Life can't get much better, can it Cher.....Alice time and quilting time! It sounds like that project is on the home stretch!


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