Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo of Max's top

I promised a photo of Max's top it is.

it is not the best photo..sorry, but after wrestling with Picasa for an hour this has to do. And, truly it is not crooked in real life..I just threw it up willy nilly on the design wall..
Next up is putting together the back..I will be using leftover blocks and other fun fabric I set aside.
My trip was a huge success and the only thing I forgot was my tape measure...I changed my mind about one project - meaning, I brought it back home to work with , rather than leave it behind. 

I took up 3 huge bins of fabrics, leftover blocks, half a roll of batting and about 8 tops, at least 6 to 8 backs plus a bolt of white excellent purge of all the leftover donated charity fabric plus a generous helping of fabrics I was no longer in love with,  all in all a great trade from my house to Ellens.

I stitched binding on 4 quilts, consulted on go with binding fabrics, helped with finding right sized general it was a wonderful quilt filled visit with lots of laughter and wonderful conversation. Ellen quilted on her longarm machine 4 quilts while I was doing binding..a wonderful team effort .

 We agreed 3 years was far too long between visits and have plans to get together again before the yearend.

It's great to be back home!
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

on the road

Before I get behind the steering wheel, I thought I would confirm that Max's top is up on the design wall completed and just needing a press before photo time.

 It's been extra busy at work and then the packing for this road trip took more time than I realized.

I am off to Mt. Vernon to deliver all sorts of quilting fabric, batting, and backs/tops for wraptheminlove-link on my sidebar.
  Ellen and I are old friends and it's been too long since I made the trip north and spent a weekend visiting and quilting into the night with her!
  All the donated fabric and blocks and partial to complete tops plus backs made for tops ARE gone now.
I had sent a box of 7 completed quilts to her about 7 to 10 days ago, so after this trip I have a clean slate to begin making new quilts with fabric I have collected for the wrap'm children.

I promise to post a photo of Max's top when I get home Sunday night...I know photos really make blog visiting so much more fun.

Zoe, our boxer is having knee surgery Tuesday...once I am back home I will be support for helping with her recovery process...this time away will be my reward in advance *big smile*...

be filled with joy, Cher

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

check in

I am 6 seams away from finishing Max's top...I put the top up on the design wall only to discover I had made an extra set of four patches - oops!  I moved elements around until I came up with a solution..better a bit shorter in length than 10 inches too long.  He is only turning 1 and a huge "baby" quilt just seemed wrong to my eye.  I will take those extra 4 patches and use them on the back, which is going to be a mixture of fabrics anyway..they won't go to waste!

My plan is to come home tonight and after dinner get this top done...I can't wait to share a photo.
It's great blog hopping and slowly catching up with so many wonderful quilters...well- time to dash off to the day job.

enjoy your day!  Cher

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alice is six !!

Alice celebrated turning 6 last month..I am learning how to pull photos from Picasa and thought this would be a fun one to was just the four us having a grand time eating cake.

Tonight I sat down and turned two stacks of squares into one large stack of two's. Max's quilt is now in progress!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

small quilty steps

It's been extra busy around here lately...summer has kicked in and as usual I am lagging behind in the garden work.  I cut out all the fabrics  to make my grandson Max a quilt.  He is turning 1 in August and doesn't have his official "first" real quilt.  I had some perfect boy fabric in my stash and I am happy with the the simple pattern I came up with to make the best use of these fabrics.
 When I have the top done I will post a photo.

.Clare has kindly revived my membership in the Liberated Ring and once again I can spend some time in the morning while I drink my cup of coffee catching up with everyone in the's late but at least I have finally managed to check in and share the small quilty steps I have managed during the last few days.

Now off to read some before my eyes slam shut...another long day at work tomorrow awaits.

sweet dreams all...Cher