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Finn asked a while back about this foundation I support by making "baby" quilts for orphans around the world and also for those in need right here in the USA.

You can visit their website at where if you want to enjoy one of the largest quilt shows I know of online-page through the quilt gallery starting in 1999. You will find inspiration and creativity galore.

I joined a quilting list back in 1999-having finally stumbled into the internet world and found my first quilting friends online. Through that list I met the two women that were the driving force behind wraptheminlove. They put together another online list to post and comment on making quilts for the babies. I joined in the fun and have not looked back since.

I love making quilts-my family and friends and friends of friends have benefited from that love. I also love giving back- so when I heard about wraptheminlove-it was the perfect outlet for me to make fun and bright quilts for some child somewhere that would otherwise not have their own quilt to wrap themselves in and know someone out there truly cared about them.
Just as Pam flew out and quilted with a group of gals in Florida (a regional wrap'em group) ,one year I flew out to Alabama and joined in a wrap'em group called the Bama Belles. Oh the fun we all had! I brought back suitcases full of quilts we finished-and after showing them to a friend back home who owned a lqs-the Portland Piecers group was formed. My friend donated the use of her back classroom the first Sunday of each month for our group to use. She spread the word about us through her newsletter. A great friend of mine took on the co-leadership to help find like minded quilters to join us. I went from being a lone quilter quilting for wrap'em to having a wonderful group of women join me and years later-we still meet and crank out over a hundred quilts a year.
The first quilt I made was back in January 2000 for wrap'em-six inch squares of various bug fabrics put together and a print border to bring it close to the 40 by 60 inch size we aim for.
It was also the first quilt I had made since 1995 when a friend helped me get back into quilting and then moved away. Looking back it's pretty funny to note what it took to get me to complete my first quilt. I had already done some quilt block swaps online( at least three sets ), started a king size quilt for myself ,and had the beginnings of a stash too. I was having a difficult time getting to the next stage of quilting-but doing that baby quilt sure kicked me off! I have not looked back since and I really have to say a thank you to this organization for putting me on the path of being the quilter I am today.

So Finn, that's my story of how I got involved with this group and why I make it my main charity effort in the quilting department. There are many, many fine and worthy causes to make quilts for - I always tell folks support what makes your heart sing...what you are led to.
Besides until it finally dawned on me that I could make and keep BRIGHT quilts for myself to enjoy ( I know, I am a real slow learner on this point) making bright quilts for the babies was the most fun as I could use all those wonderful novelty prints I kept on buying -knowing how it would delight some child, somewhere.
Of course now with a grandchild on the way...that child will surely not lack for quilts either!


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Finn said...

Hi Cher, Momday morning sunshine here in WI, but still cold. Thanks soooo much for writing that up for myself and others to read. I will visit the website, and check out the pictures.
I think it's a great thing to do, and definitely lets us keep making quilts..for sure!!!! Hugs, Finn

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Kay said...

Thanks for this. I enjoyed looking at the website. I make quilts for my local guild to donate, but I know they sometimes send ot this organization also. What a fascinating gallery of quilts! Thanks again.


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