Sunday, May 28, 2006

what comes next

No, no photos...just a brief post to say thanks for all of the kind comments left. My son and his wife were over last night-game night-and really enjoyed this top.
They were even more impressed when I said it was an original design-as Chung pointed out-it would indeed make a child very happy. However, I am keeping this quilt for myself, at least for the time being. I have finally made a bright quilt for myself and I want to enjoy it. Still no word from my longarm gal. She does the most amazing quilting-and always, always makes me happy with what she does. I know there are many, many other amazing longarm quilters out there-I know because I have seen many examples of your work on various blogs-but, I am reluctant to try someone new. I just may have to get over that if I don't hear by the end of next week after making another phone call. I know she often is booked months and months ahead. I want to put this quilt into my guild's next year show-and I certainly do not do quilting that would be up to that kind of public scrutiny. It's hard enough putting up my quilting on my blog. Today I am relaxing and going to work on that ufo I mentioned and start pulling ideas for the pooh quilt.
Life is Good!
sleeping in until you wake up on your own
a bag of new fabrics waiting to be played with
online friends
fresh coffee waiting for you
a garden filled with colorful flowers


At 10:36 AM, Blogger Finn said...

Morning Cher, at least it is where you are..LOL. I must be the world's slowest person, LOL I have managed to shower, dress and run the dishwasher, that's it, and it's just past noon. Oh well, it's a holiday, right????

Working on a UFO or pulling fabrics for Pooh, it all sounds wonderful! Have a happy day!! Hugs, Finn

At 5:04 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Cher, I love the village! So bright and cheerful. I hope it wins lots of awards for you.


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