Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sisters quilt show...

The contractor called-with a starting date of Wednesday, the 12th, this weekend will be devoted to finishing up the getting our part of the project done. Plus, it's already pretty warm and it's only 7 am-ish...another good reason to stay home. We have a party to go to at 4 pm today as well. It's typical summer fun around here...projects and social events! We wait for the rain to stop so we can get our yards together and start having those outside fun get togethers...and it pretty much makes for a whole summer of having a great time with friends. I can still squeeze in some quilting time ...the evenings are not completely booked up :-)

Go here if you want to order Sisters quilt show stuff:

That's where my sweetie ordered our shirts and poster. I don't think I even opened that poster...Mystic's probably in the fabric room lurking under who knows what!

I would bet there will be photos up on the web too from the show- I may do some surfing tomorrow and see if I come across any. I am off to the Portland Farmer's market in half an hour with my neighbor and then will finish up my part of the back yard. That leaves the side yard decorative rock moving part. Have I ever mentioned my sweetie collects rocks like I collect fabric??? A trip to Utah or the beach always means buckets or boxes of stones coming home.

Moving a rock garden is just a lot of labor ....but that's what's on my weekend chore list. She gets to do all the pressure washing of the I am not the only one doing all the work.

Meanwhile- I zipped over to the kids yesterday and delivered some of the turkey tetrazzini I cooked up for my son and visited Alice. She was hanging out in her swing napping. No camera, dang it....what an absolute cutie pie she looked in her little striped hat and wrapped up in a yellow blanket with her new lavender striped sleeper her dad bought her...she opened one eyeball but really did not wake up-as we surrounded her and tried coaxing her to wake up LOL.

My aunt called, she is now living in the area with my cousin and his family-way cool ! She is planning on going over to see the new baby this weekend. This aunt is my most favorite relative and about the only next generation still with us. She is still battling cancer so having her nearby means a lot to me. Besides being such an upbeat and loving person, she is a terrific crochet-er.
I am going to take advantage and add to my knowledge base while she can still show me the tricks! She is the last relative left that does any kind of crafting to pass on. She has already made my heirloom tablecloth and given it to me.
So...that's this weekend's plans. Yard work, playing with friends, watching women's basketball games, and fitting in quilting.


At 8:28 AM, Blogger The Calico Cat said...

Thanks for the sisters info.! (What to buy, what to buy? You know I want a shirt, a bag, a quilt pattern, a quilt kit....)

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

Good to finally have a date set for getting that yard project off and running from the professional crew. I know you two have been at your part of the job for a couple weeks now.

Your description of Miss Alice sounds so cute.

Glad to know that your aunt is going to be closer so you can introduce her to the grandbaby.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Bonnie said...

Thanks for the link to the Sisters Quilt Show stuff. I NEED a sweatshirt, and I WANT a tote bag, and I'd really LIKE a poster. So I saved the link.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Finn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun..*VBS* Well the neighbors, parties, farmers market, baby and turkey t..does, at least..LOL Maybe not the yard work quite so much, altho it will be well worth it!! Enjoy..*VBS*
Wonderful news about your aunt moving closer..a real blessing.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Darcie said...

So awesome that your fave Aunt is living closer. Her days with you and other family members will be highly treasured by you, I know. What a gift!

And a crochet-er! How fun! She'll love teaching you all of her'll keep her mind away from her cancer.

Hugs to Alice!


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