Sunday, October 07, 2007

First Sunday of the month

The first Sunday of the month is work on Wraptheminlove.
Our group meets over at a local quilt shop and usually I dash over there on Saturday to check out possible donations. Today I found 3 tops from a quilter and 2 quilted quilts by the latest volunteer learning to longarm(shortarm) gal, Lisa. You can see her quilting is pretty nice for not having done it all that long. I spent today trimming the two quilted quilts and stitching labels on them. Tomorrow one of the gals will stitch the binding on. I was lucky and received more scrap binding so there is plenty to chose from for that job. I couldn't sleep last night and had pressed a lot of the wrinkled muslin I want to cut for string block foundations. Today I cut 70 squares-enough for a wrap'em size top. Then I decided to make quilt sandwiches as I know Lisa is working at the shop tomorrow and I can pass them along to her. I had some donated yardage, enough for backs for all three of todays donated tops, plus a fourth from Patti.
When I was going through some stuff I noticed a large bag of leftover batting- I was able to cut one large piece in half for two of the tops, and pieced together another two for the others. That took care of all that stash batting! More proof that a large and varied stash is a lifesaver when you are in the quilting groove late into the night. You see on the table the results of my efforts today. Four sandwich bundles (backings out) and the two ready to be bound quilts. I am about 12 inches from finishing the hand binding on the queen donated quilt too. I will take that along and finish it tomorrow - I know everyone is going to want to see it. My sewing room is a bit more tidy thanks to these efforts today as well. And, another bonus was Alice and her parents dropping by for a short visit this afternoon . What a great day it has been.



At 6:55 AM, Blogger Joanne said...

WTG. You accomplished a lot. I love when I can use up batting scraps and get them out of the sewing room.

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Silverthimble said...

You have been busy! Did the burst of energy start with not being able to sleep at night? Just imagine what we could accomplish if we didn't need to take time to sleep! LOL

At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job! nice to have Lisa join in and provide some of the quilting for the group.

Updated LMAIW pics are adorable...that curly hair is darling!


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Ali Honey said...

Well done! You are accomplishing wonderful quilts there. I am sure they will be much loved and treasured .


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