Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year-progress thus far

Well, last night after a lot of moving stuff around here I was through being in the sewing/cutting mood and spent the rest of the night watching season one of The Closer on dvd and making sure breakfast was in the crock pot for the morning. We cheered at midnight and then called it a night.
Slept in this morning-nice. Breakfast ready when we were hungry. I decided to work on swap blocks from 2000 and put them together for a charity quilt. A win-win- as I always dedicate most of today to sewing for charity. However, I changed my approach this year to do a bit of this and a bit of that. I had the blocks up from last night on the design wall- naturally they are not uniform in size. I pulled sashing and as you can see, one side is done on all blocks. Actually these were blocks I won at my local guild -we all submitted blocks, names were drawn, and I was a lucky winner of these blocks. Sort of Christmas-y but not enough so they can't be put together into a quilt for some child somewhere to enjoy. Before I sat down and got this far-I wound bobbins and went to change machine feet. Hmmmmm......the quarter foot seems to have vanished. Well, it is not where it belongs...I failed in my usual habit of putting it in the foot tray in the drawer-oh no! All that moving stuff around last night and shifting things...after searching everything I had moved around and looking behind/under stuff-I gave up. I am using my walking foot until the quarter foot shows up...or until I give up and buy another one. It reinforces my opinion it is past time to clean and organize in here. I spent some time doing that, I have done a few household chores, and I have arranged to go visit the kids and have some family time. I am taking some of the excess lentil/barley soup I made last night with me-as the baby was up late into the night or during the night-at any rate her daddy was still sleeping when I called a short time ago. He was going to make soup later today and now he doesn't have to, as I am taking enough for them. I am enjoying my day so far and have a few more bits and pieces to do as the day goes on. The stack of fabric to the right of those blocks? The new quilt I will cut and start today-a version of sudoku that was promoted over at the stashbusters group on Yahoo by Stephanie of Australia...sorry, no link to share-I am just too lazy to do that. In due time you will see a photo here I promise. I have been tossing give aways into a large bag today for donation-M filled a gi-nor-mous bag with extra clothes etc and will be taking them across town to a local church. I always purge twice a year when I change clothing gears for the seasons here-however I can not resist adding more today knowing she will be taking hers over.
I have some paperwork on the little of this, little of that list as well. I so enjoy days like today when I can move from various tasks and feel so relaxed.
I still need to put up my top ten lists here- probably later tonight, they will be on the side bar, so don't worry about missing them in a post. Plus my year end summary will show up....soon.



At 3:02 PM, Blogger Silverthimble said...

I love the blocks, Cher. There is a lot of variety there and definitely will work for a donation quilt! I have also been plugging away on my donation quilt today in between other small tasks. I am like you--appreciate a day where I don't have to answer to anyone and can do what I want. We are also having leftovers today so no need to take a lot of time for meal prep--such a luxury! Your post reminds me that I have a couple of bags of stuff accumulated for donation that I need to drop off as well. ....better get at it, the day is moving on!

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Hunter said...

Happy New Year, Cher.

I wish you a wonderful 2008 and I hope to visit often. I'm coming out of my cocoon and starting to visit long-missed friends.

See yyou again soon.


At 1:22 AM, Blogger Tonya Ricucci said...

I love The Closer. We just finished Season Two. Now if they could just hurry out with the next season I'd be set. Mmmm Lentil-Barley Soup, sounds delicious.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger atet said...

Those blocks look great and what a lovely way to spend the first day of the new year. Happy New Year -- here's hoping yours is filled with love, joy and laughter.

At 7:25 AM, Blogger Holly said...

Hope you've found your quarter foot by now. Hate it when I misplace things! Those blocks will make a pretty quilt.


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