Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday post- Quilt Show anyone?

I was contacted by Connie Colten to list our guild quilt show at her site-she has a dedicated listing of all quilt shows, big and small across the United can contact her at quiltqua"at"gmail dot com. And I am putting up a graphic of her website. The link on the graphic is not live-so to visit her website and find a show nearest where you live check it out here.

When I figure out how to put this on my sidebar, you will be able to use it anytime. I really need to update my blogger site computer skills! Right now I want to spend my time on knitting-final class later today and I am going to try figuring out how to knit the heel gusset using my book diagram, ahead of class and then have the teacher check it out. We do not seem to cover in 2 hours all that she hoped. On the other hand maybe I need to be patient and learn her method of how to knit the next part. After all, it is why I paid to take the class, rather than just learn on my own.

woohoo...two more sleeps and my lovely purple cast comes off.

Meanwhile I have submitted 2 of the 3 tax returns on my do first paperwork list. I also mailed off photos and applications for the first guild quilt show that are due this Thursday.

Today before knitting class in the late afternoon, I need to do the two applications for the 2nd guild quilt show
. The post office is on the way to knitting class. Always good to combine trips.

On the more- good- news coming my way front-my sister is likely flying out in May for a visit. She has not been out since 2005, for our mom's funeral. Her husband died two months after our mom and with teen aged sons to raise on her own, it just has not been possible for her to come out on her own. Another excellent inspiration to clear the fabric room and install a guest bed.

Our plan to declutter went by the side when I had my accident. It will pick up steam once I am back in action. I have to say I have managed to do some clearing up in the sewing room. It is just more wearing to work around having a bulky cast on one of your hands.

Well, time to go make 50 or so copies of flyers for our MPS show and get this final mailing moving along.

Enjoy the day!



At 11:23 AM, Blogger Michele Bilyeu said...

Thanks for the Quilt Guild Shows linkage, Cher! So, did you get my postcards? Didn't realize I'd caught you at SUCH a busy time and me asking YOU to hand out cards for us!!Sorry;) Hope that hand continues to heal, your own show goes well, and your quilts win major prizes;) Also, enjoy that sister's visit. Family just becomes more and more important, the more of them that we lose! Salem today: sun, rain AND snow! I call that a rainbow triple whammy!!!

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Linda C said...

One more day and goodbye cast, hello splint. Hope it is healed sufficiently that you won't have to have another one applied, for your sake.

That is wonderful news that Patty can come out to see you this year. I know how close you two are. You won't get to see your brother and his family as you would if you came East but it is good that she feels she can get away for a short time.


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