Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a little Tonye and Kathy

I attended two lectures during my week at Sisters leading up to the Quilt Show on Saturday.
One was by Tonye Phillips (artist-quilter) and Kathy Deggendorfer (artist-watercolor), called "We've Been Framed".

Both women live in the Sisters area and are amazing artists- together they have created wonderful art. Last year Tonye's quilts really caught my eye and I took many photos of her beautiful and amusing quilts. This year I captured a bit of their magic together.

The High Desert Gallery does fantastic framing of their work, plus,
many, many other talented artists. One of the owners was at the lecture and spoke briefly of the archival treatment they do when framing fabric and watercolor together...imagine the idea you could take apart the framed art work and the fabric would be able to be used!

Anyway..they did a lively and entertaining lecture with a terrific slide show. Many of their framed works were there and they introduced new bags they had designed for sale. I chose to buy the bag with the Scottie dogs...just too cute!

Here is one of my favorites of what they do together-and they encouraged us to follow their path, stalk an artist and team up your quilting with their art.

And, because this was a time when I kept running into people at the right time and at the right place...I found a glass artist to team up with. She lives in Portland and has a mother who also is a quilter. I came home and cleaned off the sewing table and hung my inspiration from her. I pulled a few fabrics...I set my machine back up from taking it along on I need to play with the many swirling ideas/designs in my head!

I am also going to keep up on my class quilt. I have a lot more cutting to do before I can do any more sewing. I will wait a bit to share those photos.

I am so glad we cleaned house for the dog sitter before leaving on vacation! Everything looks just like when we left (ok, so the kitchen table is covered in "stuff"!) so I can ignore house chores for a while. LMAW, little miss alice wonderful will be spending Saturday night-so I won't get too much done once she arrives to play. That means I need to make the most of my time this week and not spend too much time playing on the computer!

I will save my class fun for another post.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

a few of the promised photos...

here is Michele, myself and Doni-whose blog I don't have handy, sorry. We try and meet each year in front of the library to view the quilts at Sisters Quilt show together. This year was the most fun ever! I believe Gwen and Freddy are well known enough to be recognized-this was during their very amusing trunk show at picnic at the park the evening before the Quilt Show.

This is Bonnie Hunter and of course me..we were successful this year in finding her! She was most kind and gracious to chat with us and have photos taken-she is quite beautiful and the nicest gal to talk with.
I was lucky enough to take a class with Freddy Moran- doing her quilt featured in the first book she and Gwen did together...not the same as the one behind us. I had to go back another day to get this photo as I forgot my camera class day! I did finish two blocks and had a fabulous time. Gwen came in and between the two of them, all my books were signed -except for one I forgot to bring by Gwen. And, Gwen admired my K is for Kindness quilt I had at my sewing area and recognized Tonya's free form letters immediately. She had the nicest things to say about Tonya by the way- and looks forward to Tonya's book. I managed to sign up for a two day class in March of 2010 with Gwen teaching at the Stitchin' Post quilt shop. It's possible there are still know I am so excited to have her teaching in my backyard so to speak and I know the time will fly until then.

I have more photos to share of quilts and something else by Gwen...that needs to wait another day or so.

Happy to be home, filled with terrific inspiration and just so dang happy I had the best of times!
I met wonderful online friends-walked many miles admiring beautiful quilts, and in general each day was filled with joy overflowing. A week in Sisters/Bend is just wonderful to renew your quilting spirit.


Friday, July 10, 2009

fast check in

I had a wonderful day of listening to lectures and sneaking in on Freddy's class to have my photo taken with her. Today I remembered my camera and made up for not having it the other day.

The picnic in the park event was so much fun despite rain drops finally convincing us to dash off -luckily after all of Gwen and Freddy's quilts had been shown and the entire program pretty much was over. Stunning quilts to see in person. I hope to take photos tomorrow in better light and without trying to take them over the heads of people. I did take a few of the Gee's Bend women singing...oh my...they are delightful women.

I have yet to sew at my seems by the end of the day I just do not have the energy to sew. If I was hanging out with a quilting friend, maybe it would be different..but M has been reading up a storm and it seems so much more relaxing to just do my computing and enjoy the quiet.
I picked up two new books..Jean Well's latest, Intuitive Color & Design and Ann Johnston's
The Quilter's Book of Design. Glorious color and if I needed even more! but could not resist tangible reminders of the direction I am going with my own quilting and what makes my heart sing the loudest. Yes, I even bought some fabric..and a frog pattern that will have me stepping way out of my usual style of in doing the "a" word. stay tuned on that.

No way to share photos on this computer..but I am taking plenty and eventually will get some up here. For those of you who wish you were here...I say save up your nickels and make yourself a promise that you are entitled to come be inspired and surrounded by an astonishing number of like minded people. This has been the best year yet that I have come up and enjoyed many more days of what is to be explored leading up to the Sisters show tomorrow. I have signed up for a class with Gwen Marston in March here in Sisters at the Stitchin' Post quilt shop. Two days of playing with solids and making up blocks. You can see I am setting the stage for having fun next spring already.

It's been an action packed week and the only thing I have lacked is getting enough sleep. I am not unhappy about that...just getting a bit tired. Heading home on Sunday and will be happy to be back in my sewing room - ready to actually sew away instead of being sidetracked by other stuff. Hoping to meet up with several online quilters tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed it stays on the cooler side and I actually recognize everyone I hope to meet!


Thursday, July 09, 2009

vacation time !!'s been ages since I posted! Alice had a birthday, then other family stuff...getting ready for vacation...leaving for vacation...and here I am on vacation checking in.

We are staying in Bend and I have been enjoying the Stitchin' Post offerings this week. I had a class with Freddy Moran yesterday that was totally delightful. Gwen was teaching next door and popped in to sign books. I had all my books by them with me with the exception of one.
Plus, Gwen admired my small quilt K is for Kindness that I had brought to show fellow quilters-and she recognized Tonya's free form letters right away. She and I made sure we told everyone Tonya's blog address-and Gwen said meeting Tonya was delightful.

Tonight I have the Gee Bend's presentation and tomorrow morning and afternoon lectures to enjoy. I forgot my camera yesterday! but will take it tomorrow for sure. I am using my new laptop without a way to upload photos, so that will all have to wait until Sunday night if I find time.

Life is good! Meeting up with a few fellow bloggers on Saturday...we are meeting at 10 am in front of the library...look for me in the tyedye dress...bright and bold. We plan on being there early and leaving after lunch time. Hope to meet up with Bonnie and friends at the park-if we can find them!!!
I plan on actually doing some sewing in my hotel room's been too much fun enjoying the sights to do any sewing up to now. There is just so much going on to enjoy seeing and doing around here.