Saturday, September 05, 2009

checking in

I hit the halfway mark tonight working on my FAB retreat blocks. Over the last few months it seems I have done everything and anything but sew/quilt. It still took me until 9 pm to sit down at the machine and really get sewing.
Tomorrow my group (only two of us able to attend) will be working on charity quilts at a local quilt shop. I have that project cut out and ready to work on. It will be a set of string blocks and a change of pace from what I am currently working on.
With the heavy rain this morning it signaled a break from working outside taming the weeds and gave me a chance to run a few errands before heading over to Ikea with my dil. A shopping expedition and my dil was very successful in finding the perfect lamp for their living room, plus a wonderful curio glass cabinet for my son and some other odds and ends. I went to check out office chairs and work tables. I did not find a chair that suited me and will have to think some more about what table configuation will work best for what I have in my mind. I did do some shopping as they always have some amazing deals. I found a set of wine glasses that were just right, for example. My wagon worked perfectly to load up the larger stuff and haul it home. We realized however that the glass cabinet would not fit in her car, so as I am headed their way tomorrow anyway, we left it in my car.
Tomorrow after sewing at the shop my son is doing a turkey in his bbq and I will make mashed potatoes and the vegatable. This is how I managed to declutter my freezer of a turkey gift from Christmas! M has been gone for over a week and has another 10 days before coming back home.
It's going to be nice to sit down with family for a meal together. Alice is now sleeping in her big girl bed at home and has gorgeous butterfly sheets she chose on it, along with all her assorted quilts/blankets/stuffed animals. Her mom and I are plotting a room make over to go along with the bed change-and found a few things at Ikea that will work. Being a mom of boys, it is so delightful to have a little girl to buy and make things for...I am always finding something Alice must have.
It's getting late and Zoe long ago headed off to bed. I suppose it would be a good idea - I find it nice to stay up late and enjoy the peace and quiet time. I think a little blog reading sounds good.
I recently read this book, as my boss listened to it on cd and wanted someone to discuss it with-and I had to tell her I was not happy with the ending. It made sense, but, I still did not agree with it. I do feel however, it was a beautifully written book.

Off to read what you have been up to...



At 4:50 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

How wonderful that your sewing mojo seems to be coming back! I think creatively that we do need to step back like you did sometimes. Now it might not seem so much like "work" or something you HAVE to do.

Good too that you could spend some time with your DIL and of course the family meal. You are lucky to have at least one of your boys close by---but you know that already! Good to see you posting too.

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who wouldn't want to do things for that granddaughter of yours. She is so sweet!!!!
I am really glad I met her in person

At 1:17 AM, Blogger doni said...

I read that one too - it was okay but needed some addition editing!

Have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? I loved it - never put it down!

doni @ rainy WINDY Oregon coast

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Pam said...

As a MOB I agree ~ doing pink and purple and flowers and lace and all things "GIRL" is a wonderful bless for a MOB!!



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