Thursday, September 10, 2009

ready to string together and mail tomorrow

Meeting a swap deadline by the last possible day- again. oh least they are going out and in return I will get the same amount back -totally different fabrics I hope *vbs*.

The red box holds the extra square I cut for myself and is a running review of what I have already sent out in the past. Last swap I pulled and cut from my Hoffman florals.

the stack in front needs a thread pulled through to hold it together and it's ready to mail..the rest as you can see just need the small stack added to the one on the left and then they need to be threaded up. I noticed someone last time had used small just right sized plastic bags...slick! As I have no idea where they found those bags..thread will do the job-just a bit more labor involved.

From previous experience of mailing these, I know a priority envelope will fit it all as one layer just right. This time I am going to remember to pop something extra for the swap hostess...she is the best and most kind/patient gal ever to work with. I have two other packages to send back to a business so one visit is going to really take care of two things needing to get out of here.

M called, she is over in Eastern Oregon headed towards Bend on Hwy 7...not sure how far she will get before camping for the night. At least I know Baker and the road - she plans to show up home sometime on Saturday. The time has flown in some ways...and not so much in others.
This year I did not make any real big plans to get anything major done. I still have to wrap up the garage and keep weeding..I nailed my guy down about a date for the load of soil to come and we may work some deal out to help me with the weeding. What two grown men could do in 4 hours would take me ...goodness knows how long! Of course I am a very thorough weeder...I dig out root systems and do some pruning too along the way. I love working in my it's easy to spend hours and not have so much done to show for all the time spent.

However, I need to come up with a new plan..there is no way to keep up with the weeding with my day job - so I am going to have to reduce all that available vacant dirt by putting down landscape cloth and using rock. I will put down a heavy mulch for the winter and see how it goes next spring. I think a neighbor and I are going to do some veggie growing partnership thing. She doesn't get enough sun and I don't have enough shade...and in the back..with plenty of sun I will grow the squash that was overwhelming in the front box this year. (plus next year I want to add pumpkin).

It's a lot like quilting- you can buy lots of fabric and have plenty of ideas/patterns..but it still takes much more time to actually make a quilt than you think. I don't mind a stash of fabric-within my space limits, but, too large of a garden quickly gets out of control weed wise and that is a stash that I really do not enjoy!

Well, these stacks are not going to thread themselves-time to get to it and off the keyboard.
I will read blogs while I am working with my needle however.

It's been a great day for me...hope it has been for you as well.



At 10:43 PM, Blogger Sharon said... You weren't kidding about all that cutting! What a huge job. I hope you got it all done on time tonight!

I hear you on the gardening/weed patrol. It's never ending, isn't it? I didn't do nearly enough this year, due to tendonitis. And it shows. Oh well, there's always next year. I'll be happy just to get my daffodils planted in time.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

Looks like this project will soon reach completion. How is your cutting arm doing?

Good to have an action plan in regards to the garden too. Teaming up with the neighbor should be mutually beneficial as well.


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