Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend update

Gardening pretty much took up much of my weekend...with breaks to chat online with quilting friends and catch up on blog/email reading.  We are having our house painted and that means I now have a deadline on removing all the weeds that sprang up beside the house...with our 90 degree plus weekend weather, that meant mornings of manual labor on my part followed by a shower and rest.  We met up with family to enjoy Sunday afternoon of bringing along a blanket and cold drinks/snacks.
It was at Cathedral Park located under the St John's oh 93 degrees out we sat in shade with friends prior to the show...moving over to our blanket in the sun (killer view point however) knowing the sun would shift behind the bridge in time for the show to start...and it did!!!  ah sweet shade.

A great performance is so much fun and they did their usual outstanding show.

We stayed up Saturday night to go over to a friends and watch the meteor was pretty fun to lay on the lawn and watch the sky...but staying awake until 2 am to catch the show was a challenge!  We managed to see some but really the surrounding city lights and a cloud cover that crept in dampened the show.  We left at around 2:30 am getting home at 3 am...oh my...another reason for not getting to my quilting.

So went the weekend ...poof!  here it is Monday morning and time to drive to work and kick off 5 days of doing the day job.  I love the work I do and have a wonderful boss...but I sure do envy my sweetie being retired and doing as she pleases every day!

I photos!!!   really...before the end of the week...I will post a photo...don't give up on me.

enjoy the day!  Cher


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