Tuesday, January 31, 2006

sidetracked for a friend

Received a call from a very dear friend..looks like I am going to be devoting quite a bit of my spare time during the day to helping her out. So, there goes a lot of my quilty time for a while.

A few answers to comments: I wasn't quilting too long before realizing the huge value of a design wall. Lots of suggestions on what to use - but in the end I bought this from some shop-it's basically batting 72 1/2 by 74 inches...I thumbtacked it up and it's been a great tool for me.

A neighborly blogger is sending me a wonky house so I can kick off my village-in that spirit, let me know via email if I can send one along to you...I am not suggesting a swap or anything official...just having some fun here. And, no deadlines...as this is a no hurry have some fun when you feel inspired type quilt.

I felt my house could have been wonkier...and the roof was a bit too large for the house part..that is what I meant by room for improvement...but- wonky is good and who knows how the next one will look?

I have gotten sucked back into the scrappy stitching...so I am shooting for a finished quilt or two by Feb 13th. A friend is kindly sending the "right" thread for the Texas baby quilt-when that shows up...then I will get that quilted in no time...if I can finish three ufos in February that would make me very happy. It's a good roll to be on! However there are larger quilts ahead on the ufo list...with a whole lot less done on them too...so who knows? I do appreciate the wonderful encouragement from my blogger neighbors...many thanks!


At 5:07 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

I hope to be able to play with the wonky houses this weekend. I'd be happy to make a few for your village if you'd like.


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