Tuesday, May 02, 2006

photos of Billie's class-NOT

I promised a few photos of class with Billie Lauder. However, blogger is not allowing any uploading of photos right now. I also spent time getting all the photos ready of the NW Guild quilt show...again, I will upload whenever blogger allows. And, I finished my two applique blocks (yes, I have a photo) -big sigh of relief! I paper pieced another arc for another small quilt group member-leaving one last arc left-she is doing a paper piecing version of double wedding ring pattern. I am in the throes of putting new plants into the front garden area, moving plants around, and in general playing in the dirt out there. The back is in limbo...as I have decided to actually sit down and graph out a design plan for it. I have that process started as well. I have quilt deadlines looming as I mentioned, so I am splitting my time outside with inside quilting time. I prepared the sunshine charity quilt for quilting last night. Did I mention I was five inches short on batting? I stitched more batting on at the end-then realized I was short on the backing too...so I cut a strip and stitched that on as well. I did the binding prep for the rail fence top I showed the other day. So, the day holds a short errand, gym workout, gardening, and quilting. I can't say I am making wonderful strides in my lose weight/work out goals like Mary or Sharon but, I am putting in my efforts towards a healthier me.
Goals: I seem to be rebelling over even writing them down anymore. I now write down a daily to do list. A short one. A do-able one. and sometimes an item has to be carried over to the next day. right now that is how it is. mostly I am in the doing mode which is working out really well-as each day I can "see" progress made.


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