Saturday, April 21, 2007

the last of the challenge quilts

The quilt to the left #4 was the first design I had in mind-I have this pattern and could not locate it . Now I am glad it did not turn up until after the guild show! I voted for it as one of the choices given - I think it's really well done.
At last the end of the challenge quilts: I had a comment which I answered directly about the rules of this challenge-they were; the diamond shape must be used as an integral part of your design.
the size was-minimum perimeter of 48 inches to a maximum perimeter of 144 inches. A recognizable amount of the challenge fabric must be used and must play an integral part of the design (not just as a border). The fabric may not be altered by over-dying, using the reverse side, marking, or the like. The quilt must have a quilt sleeve on the back. An identification label must be securely fastened to the bottom back corner of the quilt. Include a brief explanation of how your quilt fits the theme of "Diamonds are Forever".
So, based on those rules-you voted on several different aspects-like best use of the challenge fabric, and so on. You will note in the two taken together-one is similar to the o
ne I made-larger and of course a different colorway ...but those diamonds are not stringed pieced-so I remained the only string pieced entry. They are all unique interpretations of the fabric and theme - all quite creative.

Some of the quilts the challenge fabric is not as noticable-in an earlier post(see Feb 15th post) I showed it along with my selection of fabrics for my project. It's the black with gold diamond looking print on it.

I have been stitching away on the jigsaw puzzle blocks-finally figured out the last two rows of fabric colors I wanted to use and now it's just pedal to the metal time. I also did errands and cooked a huge batch of lentil/vegatable soup using chicken stock made by my sweetie-so this also has a lot of chicken in it- the taste test results: quite yummy! The rain today meant no gardening-can't say I was sorry to have a relaxed inside oriented day-other than the errand running, however, one of the errands was visiting Powells
and I managed to enjoy some reading and only bought one book. I plan on sewing into the night a bit and pick it up some more tomorrow. I have a machine class for a few hours in the morning that should be interesting-I managed to lose the manual to this machine and have ordered another one. I hope they cover some of the stuff they skipped in the first class. They tend to focus on the Bernina new owners and being a Janome new owner I get sort of lost in the class. Not that I haven't learned a few new things about the Bernina I have owned for a few years now! It's just not helpful for the machine I brought to class to learn about.

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At 9:52 PM, Blogger just jenn said...

I am absolutely loving your jigsaw blocks. They are gorgeous and something I don't think I could ever do. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see it completed.

At 12:02 AM, Blogger Kim said...

I love Powell's--great place to get lost for awhile on a rainy Saturday! I've enjoyed seeing all the challenge quilts too. Thanks for sharing!


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