Wednesday, April 18, 2007

more quilt show quilts...

apparently one of the pitfalls of sending your taxes off via internet space, the day before they are due, is the too high volumn of folks doing it! I am still waiting to see if my taxes were accepted-due to my tax program failing to cope with the sheer numbers involved would be my best guess.
That yucky cold thing is trying to make a come back-so I am doing very little energy wise once I get home from work. Walking the dog is about the zenith of my output of getting stuff done :-)
I need to clear off the ironing board and get back to trimming jigsaw blocks-before any piecing gets to be done. I have a daunting list of blogs yet to be visited as well. I am spending my morning time whittling away at that reading. That would be my "breakfast time" that is..before I have to pull it together and get out of here for the day job. These photos are quilts I really enjoyed looking at and wanted to have as inspiration. I take a lot of quilt photos - not because I want to make that quilt, but rather because I so admire something about it-often it's the use of color..or a design I really admire. Sometimes it's the humor or the gorgeous quilting done on it.
Exception: I took photos of all the challenge submissions-some of them are really not my cup of I am including them for the sake of completeness-maybe tomorrow I will put up the rest of them and "get it over with " in showing them.


At 6:40 AM, Blogger Holly said...

I take pictures for the same reasons - maybe for the border idea, the setting etc. I hope your cold doesn't make a comeback. Stay well!


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