Sunday, June 10, 2007

progress on projects

As Patti, mentioned we spent yesterday doing quilty things-I made huge progress in cutting strips, raiding her stash (thanks again Patti!) and receiving her help in colors and so on. It is such a joy to have a quilty friend to consult on those burning questions-do you think this color plays nicely with the others?? and how do you place that same color so it works overall? As we are both doing weight watchers, I brought along leftover chicken/sweet potatoe soup so she could taste it (it was a hit) and we were good when we later went to Starbucks-relatively speaking of course...what I like best about ww, is you are in charge of your you can arrange to have treats if you plan for them. As I have been getting to the gym on a regular basis, that allows for a splurge now and then.
I lost another pound and at this point that becomes a bigger deal -being at the stage of only wanting to lose maybe another six or so of them.

Wedding ring pattern notes: *** ed note: there are 32 rings that make up this pattern..apparently my counting skills were off the other post! Wedding Rings is a pattern by Seams & Dreams-you can try googling the pattern name or the designer name-I have no idea which quilt shop I found it at, nor if they still carry it. The address on the pattern back is:
1419 Applegate
Lewisville, TX 75067
phone number: 972-420-8857

I encourage you to contact this person/company as I feel they did a great job in writing directions and provide a nice graph of the placement, plus an extra one for you to color in your own choices.

We went and saw the movie Georgia Rule last night- probably only about 10 of us in the audience, however, we really enjoyed it and recommend it - especially if you are a Jane Fonda fan...
Today's plans are: more cutting and stitching on the wedding quilt-stitching string blocks as my leader/ender project, and afternoon grandbaby sitting while her parents go to the movies.
I am overjoyed at the idea of 3+ hours of alone time with Miss Alice Wonderful !!!
Lentil soup is on tonight's menu and who knows what else I may fit into the day-hopefully at least a bit more blog least my list mail is caught up...a miracle in itself.
It's been raining yesterday and not sure how today will fare-so no guilt at ignoring the garden this weekend.
When I have some photo worthy progress made-I will post a photo at that point...promise!


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