Monday, September 10, 2007

here's the plan

My new york beauty plan: as you can see, foundation by the yard pretty much walks you through the block making process. I am going to make 12 blocks and with a few borders it will be baby size. I promised Laurie Ann (sorry no link) I will put up photos as I work on these. So, this is how it starts...I will raid the stash and see what I come up with. Meanwhile driving home I thought of a new project...and it was so exciting I am going to pull out paper and sketch it as soon as I get done with this post..I am inspired to keep a running journal dedicated to my quilting-I have always kept a written journal in general...but I like the idea of diving in and getting these thoughts and drawings down on paper. And a thank you to Linda for coming to my aid and sending me the right size paper piecing stuff so I can tackle that block.



At 7:49 AM, Blogger Darcie said...

Ooh! I made one of those. Well...let me correct myself: I made 12 of those blocks. They're quite fun! Good luck!


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