Monday, February 25, 2008

a slow Sunday

Sunday was a lovely day-my gardening turned into gathering, sorting, and listing all our garden chemicals. I have a small amount to take to the special recycling place, some give away to neighbors, and the rest is back on the 2 shelves nice and tidy. I have a list of exactly what we have and will type it up at work later today (Monday). It was perfect timing as many of the products were used in the garden by M as I came across them. The roses are now finished being pruned and a few thoughts on the re-doing of the other side of our front yard discussed. I cleared out half the garden shed in this process as well. All the gloves are now together, the odd or damaged ones tossed and the ones we hate given away. All the hand tools are now living together in my tool handy! I also finished up the guild blocks for Tuesday nights meeting. That center square being so plain sure gave me ideas of what you could put in it's place. It would be fun to win some of these blocks, but, it's been much more fun to use a bit of stash and just play making them.
I have one last block to make and send off and then, it's back to current projects that have been waiting patiently. I am a few minutes from finishing hand stitching on a ufo binding-and may find time tonight to whip them down. I have been content to read many, many blogs and not feel compelled to leave a comment all the time-though it has been great to catch up with so much going on in blogland. A day off to do some of this and some of that, time to chat with friends online and make a supper that simmered all day -ready when we were to eat. Due to the sunshine and warmer weather, visiting with neighbors was also part of a slow Sunday-time to enjoy chatting and admiring rearrangements of furniture :-) A longtime dear neighbor moved away this weekend- and only after they were gone, did we learn he has only a year to live-a nasty cancer. What a sad and shocking thing to hear. We applaud his decision to spend as much time as he has left playing golf! He embraced the idea of living to the fullest the time he has left.
At 68 I would have wished many, many more years ahead for him to play golf. He was a very dear neighbor and we will miss him and his wife very much. Our new neighbor is a fellow that lives just 8 doors up- so not a stranger. We have such a cozy neighborhood, it's nice to know we are keeping the house next door in the "family" so to speak.
Well, the weekend is over and the week is beginning-I know the days will zip by until we are saying, hurray, it's Friday!



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