Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunny Saturday

You just feel so much energy to DO things when the almost spring sun comes out here! I am having a wonderful start to my day. We took Thursday and Friday off, so today feels like such a bonus day off-with tomorrow as well to look forward to. I spent several hours Thursday while my sweetie was at appointments and I waited, working on my hexagon hand project. Mostly I took off a flower I decided was the wrong color and covered the rest of the green hex papers with fabric. So, no photo until I actually add to the wall hanging body. Friday I spent 5 hours standing at the longarm machine quilting. Today's photo shows a finished quilt from those hours. The other quilt is trimmed and on the binding stack. This quilt was the second one and should have been so fast to you know what is coming right? yep, I changed thread on the top and had numerous breakage some ugly stops and starts on the top, coupled with running out of bobbin thread not once, but twice. For a practice quilt, it is not the prettiest, but acceptable and will keep some child somewhere warm and hold together fine. I always knew that doing beautiful longarm quilting is exactly like doing beautiful dms quilting-it takes hours and hours of practice to achieve. I now have 5 hours towards that goal of beautiful quilting put in *vbs* Last night I did half the binding on this quilt, and finished it up this morning before breakfast. It has a label and is ready to be sent on its way. This is another totally from stash quilt too. I have another quilt in the process of binding now. It's coffee break time and give my back a stretch time too. I like checking in on the computer for about 20 minute breaks between doing "stuff" around here as well. I left in the photo the jar block that M insisted we keep plus the gorgeous Winter Four Seasons swap that is waiting for a sleeve. My goal today is finish this next binding, then switch and make a swaddling blanket for a baby shower I am going to next month. I actually bought more flannel for this gift. I also have a cloth baby book I never put together for Alice, so I added that to my next-to-work-on new pile. Household chores are on today's list as well. I have the house to myself and it's rather nice to be able to work on stuff without any interruptions. I spent more than an hour rounding up gardening tools in helping to find that one elusive tool that still remains hiding. Now I won't be asked to help look for anything else for M until she gets back. My parting comment was take as long as you like being gone sweetie!



At 12:14 PM, Blogger YankeeQuilter said...

How many cups of coffee have you had to get all that done in one day?! I like the jar blocks...made one for my sister who is an entomologist! (bug doctor!) fitting no?!

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Mary Johnson said...

It seems like the longarm would be a breeze after quilting on a DSM but it does take a lot of practice. Too bad you had some problems with thread breaking - that can be frustrating.

I agree that the practice quilt will bring someone warmth and comfort. I do my practice on panel quilts and then bind and donate them.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Samantha said...

what a great treat of 2 extra days, and what amazing use you put them to!


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