Wednesday, March 26, 2008

almost done

does this happen to you? I am binding my convergence wall needs a label, hmmm.
right, I have a printed label that would be just right...but it's not with all the other labels in the wire basket. where, oh where on earth have I put it now??? and, with some effort and digging-I found it this morning-in time to use it as I like to include part of the binding stitching with the label stitching. My plan is to use this wall hanging not as a wall hanging but on the table. that makes it a table mat and no need to add a sleeve-clever right? I will finish this hand stitching today at work on my break and tonight it will be ready for it's final photo. folks loved the pink quilt last night by the way. it's now tossed in the fabric room . I have the last quilt to bind, plus free motion a small part where I quilted some of the excess backing flipped over on itself-ripped out and now ready to be re-quilted. I have one last pink quilt-from last year-still waiting. I have a heart pantograph design I borrowed from a friend to see if I like it on that quilt-usually I hate following any drawn line on my quilts-however, I may make an exception for this design.
And...yes, I have pink scrap leftovers and an idea what to do with them-and a person for that quilt. That idea will be put on the back burner until after April and May. April and May I have decided will be gardening and personal quilting months. Except for my charity quilting once a month-I am going to focus on more personal ideas I have been waiting to explore, which includes making stuff for Ton's summer class - hurray!



At 8:25 AM, Blogger Darcie said...

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At 8:25 AM, Blogger Darcie said...

lol I am so "with you" on making nearly every quilt a table topper. I don't have a clue why...but I'm always forgetting to attach a sleeve. Perhaps we should make our own "mile-a-binding" and have it always ready to sew on. ;-)

Enjoy your garden, Cher!

At 12:11 PM, Blogger Finn said...

Hi Cher, hopping in to see what you've been up too, and it's been ALOT! Hurray for those goals met in February and nearly all in!
Love the pink quilts, great job on getting those done. I saw some of the convergence at Norma...looks like it was a fun day for all of you. And a fun pattern to work with.
Hurray for Easter goodies for Alice and one small flat Santa *VBS* SEnding big spring time hugs, Finn

At 5:53 AM, Blogger Silverthimble said...

Perfect idea for that convergence quilt--as a table topper! I thought about making four of these and joining them like a four patch to use on my dining room table. I think there was an example in the book. I love this pattern and wouldn't mind doing it again! LOL


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