Friday, September 12, 2008

photos-booty swap and handquilting

Another Friday. First a photo of the quilt from the booty swap I received. I already linked to the sender, Becky and just wanted to share here . Again, I really enjoy the fact that she took my color suggestions and worked with them! Won't this be a bright spot when the dreary winter sets in?
Last night was guild meeting up in Vancouver Wa for me. I took along my hand quilting and thought I would share a photo of my progress. This is my second attempt at hand quilting-and I am having such fun deciding what to quilt where. I am using various shades of purple so far in #8 perle cotton. My only deadline is to have this finished before December. I have to admit it has languished in my basket for more time than not! For some of those curves I have used a marking pencil- otherwise I just eyeball where I want to go. This is all about having fun and being free and loose-so any quilt police out there, please no comments! I am doing a fair amount of stab stitching with some of the very bulky seams areas-and the more quilting I do on it, the inspiration builds to have it finished and hanging up where I can see it.
I am looking forward to a weekend at home doing various mop up of the mess I have left out in the garage, in here, and in the fabric room. The ironing board, my sewing table, and the space in front of my sewing table are all piled with "stuff".
It looks terrible and worse, I can't do any productive sewing until I deal with it. I need to make up a pair of pillowcases for a wedding gift and get them mailed out on Monday -otherwise, I don't have a whole lot of must do sewing. I gave in to a guild charity challenge of bringing home a brown bag filled with scraps to make into a top-I apparently lost my mind doing this, but, somehow I simply could not resist!!! I will share that bag of scraps tomorrow...I left it out in the car for now :-)



At 6:41 PM, Blogger Mary Johnson said...

You're quilting looks great! I've got my trees layered but can't decide how to quilt them - I thought I knew what I was going to do - twice....

At 12:33 PM, Blogger YankeeQuilter said...

The kidness block is wonderful. I know what you mean about the mess being a block to creativity.


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