Friday, December 26, 2008


our visit to family yesterday was delightful-long enough to open presents, play with toys, and enjoy a wonderful meal. Short enough that we were back home and able to deal with a slight stuck in the snow issue easily. A relaxed evening watching the movie Juno, enjoying the fire, and a little hand quilting. One of the treats in my sock was a small book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Things I learned from Knitting..whether I wanted to or not. I enjoy her style of writing with humor delivering much of what I have discovered during my life thus far-with a different slant which jogs the oh yes...that is so true thinking.
I have returned to reading every day-we have a stack of books which has helped inspire me to pick the top book from one of the stacks and plunge in. Actually the top book was one M was planning on reading next (yes, she is reading it now) so I took the top book from a stack over. It's The Fifth Book of Peace by Maxine Hong Kingston. [only 79 pages in ...a bit disjointed style of writing but I am continuing on]
The joy of living with another reader is the variety of books to be found in our home. M is a book buying fiend, rather as I was about fabric. We have called a halt on buying until the stacks are reduced.

Today I have called a halt to flitting from one thing to another-and feeling like I am just making myself dizzy and going "nowhere". M is off walking Zoe - who adores the snow and a chance to run around and feel free. I declared a day of writing to sort out the teeming stuff in my head.
I just feel out of step, out of sorts, spaced out. So many things I could or should do...I am feeling overwhelmed in general as a result. Has this happened to you? You realize you have misplaced things that usually you always put in such and such place? You have not remembered being told important things, or that "everything" has just stacked up around you? Well-I have come to the tipping point of feeling that way and decided: clearly I need to step some reflecting...and then dive in and take action. I have been ignoring that inner voice-but-today is the day to stop and listen.

This morning I was checking in on Christine Kane's blog - my word of the year post was going to be there at some point in December and I forgot to keep checking in this month!
There it was...a while back...and here is the link if you care to go read. I am not going to repeat it here-instead, I will be posting my word for 2009 in a few days. You may want to read more about the whole idea at Christine's's been a great experience for me this year-and I am excited about doing it again. I have already chosen my word and given a lot of thought about what I need to do to allow my inner light to shine more brightly.

I hope each of you that read this post or have checked in over the years continue to share your inner light as well. It's all about living this moment. let's make the most of right now!



At 10:53 AM, Blogger Funky Kim said...

I was just singing This Little Light of Mine to a co-worker, so it's still running around in my head as I read your entry today. And there you go, talking about sharing that inner light! What a cool little moment I had there!

I've been contemplating my word for a while now, and I've found several that should be by word for next year. But nothing's stuck with me yet.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger jovaliquilts said...

Very nice word of the year. I liked your story about your co-worker -- I find when I behave one way, I start to feel that way.
Happy New Year!

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Tonya Ricucci said...

I have to admit, I get myself going in circles sometimes too. sigh. I hope your writing/ pondering exercise helped. I enjoyed reading your Word post - I'll have to check out more of Christine's blog. Oh, and I live with a reader/book fiend too. Unfortunately we don't have much interest in common. This year he got Newton's Principia Mathematica for Christmas. I'm so not reading that.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger ps pirro said...

Cher, thanks for coming to visit me on Crooked Mile. I love your quilts, and your light-filled writing, and I especially loved reading about your word of the year for 2008. Kindness rocks. Keep shining, girlfriend! xox, ps

At 9:13 PM, Blogger Mary Johnson said...

Well, I definitely have memory issues lately and I've let other things pile up that I haven't felt like doing. My *hated* task of the day for most of December helped me get caught up on somethings I had really been procrastinating on.

I've been very relaxed about setting quilting goals this month and it's felt good not to have pressure to finish things. Hopefully, I'll start January with fresh enthusiasm.

I hope your time to reflect helps you sort out your thoughts.

At 5:39 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am having a bought of sometimers ... sometimes I remember, and sometimes I don't.

My word for 2008 was: listen. What a challenge for me! I really think I have stretched and grown this year.

NOW ... I can't find my list to pick from for next year. Do you know where the 'master list' is?!

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Magpie Sue said...

I've read about Christine Kane's idea before but never checked out her blog. May have to go do that now. And pick out a word for myself!

When my head gets to buzzing or I start to feel overwhelmed I find writing it all out very helpful. I seem to need to write to find out what I'm really thinking or feeling. Best wishes to you in your quest for balance in 2009.


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