Sunday, January 26, 2014

completed yellow strip top last night

Last night I finished and snapped this photo.  I now have it about half pinned on the kitchen table for quilting.
Today I decided to sew up the final (#13) 2013 goal donation quilt top.  I had been given ufos from my boss, who quilted for a short time and then her life moved on.  When she cleared out all her stuff in her attic I was the only quilter she knew to pass it along to.  In re-arranging stuff in my sewing room I had come across the last project she had started.  So, I pulled it out and considered what her plan had been as there wasn't any pattern or directions with the fabrics...strip sets sewn together and 6 triangles cut from one set.  Go with fabric with the strip sets. I was not about to spend hours and hours cutting more triangles and then turning them into blocks..I decided to cut up the strip sets into 5.5 inch squares and come up with a new top.  I am currently stitching the last row of the cut strip set squares.  I will then cut the go with fabric into 5.5 inch strips and sew all the rows together.  I chose not to take any photos of the process of making this top.  This is my last day on my own to really focus on quilting and I want to make the most progress possible.  My plan is to get this top done, at which point I will take a photo and share, and then get it pinned for quilting.  I will be able to devote some time in either the before work or after work hours to get the quilting and binding done.  I would love to be completely finished before Friday, the 31st.  Probably not realistic but certainly a goal to strive towards.  I had prepared backs and batting for these last two I will only need to make bindings for them after they are quilted.

I have two challenge quilts coming due in February.  New fabrics to play with and new ideas to try...a good reward for sticking with getting these quilts done and mailed off.

Glorious sunshine is streaming into my room today and oh my, I do love the light!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

yellow strip donation top progress

While I am on a coffee break I decided I would upload a photo as I am now just past the half way point of progress on this #12 (for my 2013 goal) donation top.  You also see two more strip sets ready to be added as well.  I am working on another narrow strip at the moment.  It currently is 30 degrees F outside, but with the sunshine pouring through my is quite warm in here!  I am happily enjoying the house to myself and playing my favorite music turned up, as I continue working away with my yellows.  I dumped stuff in here that was in "my way" out into other rooms for now.  Stuff piled up everywhere just distracts me when I want to be in the creating groove!  Yes, I will deal with it later tonight.  And no, I am NOT sharing photos of any of it.  We all know how "stuff" can stack up when you are hunting for just the right fabrics and then find other treasures in that search.
not a bad photo....ok...back to it!
loving the joy of working with this yellow top!


Friday, January 24, 2014

a quilting weekend ...

Last night we went to hear Cheryl Wheeler perform -downtown Portland (OR).  As always, she was funny and sang a great mix of songs.  We had a new friend with us who had never heard her...what a joy to introduce her to a much loved favorite performer.  Being what we call a "school night", the crowd was not huge, but, made plenty of noise - Cheryl felt the love!

So...getting up at 4:45 am this morning I am on the tired side.  However, M and M are off  today to the beach and that means a quiet house when I get home from the work mines tonight. They will be back home late Sunday so....
I have decided to devote the weekend to quilting...I will post on a few groups I belong to and invite others to quilt along with me and we can have fun online together.
The wind has been blowing so hard lately, the big wind chimes outside my window  are very loud!  I love hearing them however.
I hope by the end of Sunday to post real progress on the yellow top I am working on .
And, I hope everyone enjoys doing something creative this weekend as well.
with joy, Cher


Sunday, January 19, 2014

introducing Murphy, our latest family addition

After Zoe passed away over a year ago, M got involved with Oregon Dog Rescue.  Months went by and I would go on  weekends( not all of them)  and walk dogs with her and support their cause.   
In due course, M brought home a few dogs for foster care at our home.  Often a dog needs a one on one living situation for a variety of reasons.  When Murphy came to our house, I quickly got the message that he was very special and M was really pushing that we keep him.  I did not feel really ready to have a young dog , as he is about 11 months old according to our vet, come live with us.  However, he really is a wonderful fit for what we wanted in our next dog.  He gets along great with all other dogs.  He is a lover...meaning he loves to snuggle with us on the couch.  He is a schnauzer-terrier mix and quite smart.  The only hurdle was getting him not to howl in his crate at night.  It took several nights of trying different approaches before we found a positive and loving way to help him be happier in his "jail".  I have to say, by the fourth sleep challenged night, I was ready to give up!  But, I also knew he would settle down and of course he did.

 Here he is after romping around fetching his beloved fish (yes, that orange object above his head is a no longer gurgling fish) having a snooze.  It's hard to get him to sit still for a photo, but, I will try another time to post a better close up!
Keeping him out of trouble has slowed down my getting much done in the sewing room..however, I am currently half way through the next donation top.  He is a loving and lovable distraction so I have a good excuse for not getting as much done right now!
Off to go snuggle on the couch...

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 - new year, new word

Last year was Center...and I have to admit it did not factor into my quilting inspiration but it did manifest in my personal inner growth.  Turning 60 proved to be a bigger deal than I imagined.  Turning any age in ending in a zero is a "bigger" deal than one might think.  It  depends on your perspective, and being a number person-it triggers bigger trends in my brain.

 My yearly physical proved I failed in being physically active enough  and paying attention to what I ate to decrease my "bad" cholesterol.  It increased from the previous year-so time to "wake up" and pay attention to what I do each day to take care of that.
So, I am making my 60's the decade of  focus on cementing the healthy mental attitude to go along with  developing the healthy physical changes I need to make.  Of course, those habits need to go on the rest of my life.  The whole mindset of thinking you can just do as you please and "get away" with it catches up with you at some point.
Most of what I spend my time doing involves, hobbies, watching movies and/or tv, being on the computer at home ...of course, fitting in movement can be done.  I just need to do it LOL.

This year my word is Love.  I can factor that in to my life in so many ways...both outward and inward.

I will start by making an appointment with myself to blog on a regular basis ...putting Love here.

And, here is  my first 2014 quilt finish photo.  It is number 11 of my 2013 goal of wraptheminlove donation quilts, 13 for 2013.  I am extending my goal through this month ...with number 12 top getting some progress made today.

I had a top made from doing a jellyroll race with my pals the FABS a few years ago, and here it is finally a completed quilt ready to donate.  I will complete the last two of my goal before mailing them off to headquarters for Wraptheminlove- see side bar for more info on this charity.