Sunday, June 18, 2006

computer woes...

Well, no, I did not solve my main issue. And with help, I figured out it isn't my virus/security upgrade program's fault...apparently Windows had some update program automatically install which is causing me fits. I am going to either restore my computer to an earlier date or do some research on fixing whatever they did. I really do not want to spend time on all this now as...I am hauling stuff from the back yard like patio furniture/accessories and contents of the garden storage shed over to our rented storage unit. In about 2 weeks the entire backyard/side yard will start being ripped out. We are gone next weekend for a family wedding-so that leaves today and this coming week of evenings. I have borrowed a neighbors truck (hurray for generous neighbors!) for this time period. Of course a bit of purging is happening as well.
Major home upheaval is never easy to deal with. I am grateful it's outside the house, but, it still will be a royal pain to live through.
Anyway-I have the baby quilt waiting to be quilted and the machine is all set up as well. I figure I will get that quilted then go back and put on the second border on the wedding top. Then switch back to zigzagging the special binding on the baby quilt as it will use the same color thread as the second border.
Still need to do a few other house errands for the upcoming week as well today.

And, I still need to take a few photos and post lunch break is over-back to getting as much done in the remaining hours left of today as I can! The computer stuff will have to wait until the running around gets done.


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

LOL, we'll wait. The weekends are apt to be overloaded with you being back to work. I wanna see the quilt though! Whine, whine.

At 9:13 PM, Blogger Finn said...

Well, drat and double drat!! Just can't trust those Windows folks! I'd say grease the wheel that is squeaking the loudest, and worry about the computer later! Like Linda J says, we'll be here waiting for you, Hugs, FInn


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