Friday, May 04, 2007

what's going on....

The good news is they can fix my camera, the less than good news-it will be about two or so weeks before I get it back. So though I can not share current projects...I have a backlog of quilt show photos not shared -which will help add interest. I went over to visit my son and family last night-it's been a week since I have seen them and Alice cut another tooth since then. She is now up to 5 teeth and another one almost through. She has started pulling on legs to stand up and even has been found standing up in her crib in the mornings! This baby girl is on the move. And she makes wonderful conversation too. She is such a bright and happy child. And I am one lucky grandma.
Quilty news: the king size jigsaw puzzle parts are arriving at the longarm quilter today. She will contact me with ideas for thread color/quilting ideas-and I will tell her the usual- play with it and have fun. She does fantastic work and I wish she had the time to do the other jigsaw puzzle quilt too-and I am really sad she won't be able to quilt the next wedding quilt I am doing. When my camera comes back I am going to have to go take a photo of the one my son with baby has.
However, there are many other talented longarm quilters and I just have to develop a similar relationship. I bought extra wide backing fabric-pressing over a 100 inches by 100 inches was not my idea of a fun time-and I had to do it twice! I cut off the selvedges and two backings done. That part I liked. I have a call into the second longarm gal to hand over my sisters top to.
I am in the process of hand stitching black binding on black that quilt is moving along and I have the wall hanging bobbin thread wound-waiting to be quilted. I pulled a few bowls from the kitchen and will play with drawing baptist fan lines-using my chalk wheel. That is next to work on.
Each night this week I have been doing something quilty-and not turning on the computer. I have a backlog of web reading to do -though I have managed to respond to all current emails. My small charity group meets Sunday-I will pick up the pile of quilts needing further work and enjoy a day of focus on them. Tomorrow I need to hunt down the pattern for the wedding quilt and start pulling fabrics. I had such success in making two quilt tops at the same time-I am going to try doing that again-though they won't be identical. If the weather is not rainy, I will be out in the garden tomorrow-the front is half weeded and I need to put in the time to complete that as I am being treated to new plants as part of my birthday treat from my son-they are taking me to the nursery on May 12th- we started doing this a few years ago and I have a wonderful collection of plants to enjoy year round as a result. The issue of what to get mom for her birthday/mothers day is easy now...especially with a new backyard with lots of great space for planting.


At 6:15 AM, Blogger Pam said...

Jigsaw looks great, I like that pattern more each time I see it. WTG!

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

I bet you are off with said granddaughter today--it being the weekend. Hope the camera repair costs don't make you wish you had just bought a new one after your mishap. Catch you at some point.

Been too busy messing on downloading, uploading, etc to do what I should be doing--binding quilt#2 from yesterday.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Marisa said...

Good for you for putting your quilting on the high priority list. I must turn off my computer and get some quilty work done!!


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