Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday and no morning email

Every morning I read my email with my coffee. For some reason yahoo is not connecting-no matter what I try on my end. I clearly can access blogger, so it's not an internet connection issue.
Annoying not to be able to be able to follow my usual morning habit. Instead, I have put the time to good quilty use. Last night I figured out the rest of the colors for the remaining rings (could not really go any further until I did) and did all the cutting and stitching of half square triangles. To me, the tedious part is now done. Putting all the squares together is fun and downright addicting I find. I had to talk myself out of putting in too much yellow-and put a light purple instead-I think that will work out better in the color balancing overview. While I cut and stitched last night I added more tunes to my music library-I am going to have to download to my ipod soon-so much new music to enjoy. I actually put away all the leftover extra fabric lying around the sewing room last night as well. All the scraps from the wp are in one basket until I am done with the top. I really need to get back to cutting up scraps...I never quite finished cutting them all up-and I have certainly been adding to them lately! I am so happy it is Friday...I have been skipping the gym in the morning (very bad) and will talk myself into going tonight-our gym is half a mile away at the local rec center and I love it. They stay open until 10 pm and some of the younger body builder guys like working out on Friday nights-something to admire as I slog away on my machine :-) I want to buy an ipod shuffle to use while I work out-the music they play tends to be not so much my taste and it would be nice to put together a playlist designed to motivate me to work out faster. I have several ideas like this that I hope to actually accomplish before the year is over. It's all about how I chose to use my time of course. So far, I have not been too inspired to spend the money on another ipod. I am pretty much in a no buy frame of mind, unless it is something I absolutely need. I think perhaps an ipod shuffle will go on my wish list for being given as a gift...I like that idea a lot. And, I still have not worked on editing Alice birthday photos...we are going over to see them on Saturday for a game night, so that will be my deadline for working on that project. No need to do it tonight however, as there is all of tomorrow .


At 10:15 AM, Blogger Darcie said...

Mmm. Yes...I've had those types of mornings too, Cher. And doesn't it just tick you off?! Messes my whole day up!

We've talked about that my Grandparents used to live in you area? My grandpa worked out at a gym not too far from his house, too! He was a fit old geezer!

Hope you can yahoo when you get back home tonight.... ;-)

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Darcie said...

OOps. That would be lived in YOUR area. Sheesh. I do that all of the time!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Mary Johnson said...

I love having my shuffle for walks or hikes when I don't want to drag around the bigger on.


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