Saturday, September 01, 2007

a little of this, a lttle of that

It is a perfect day- sunny lovely weather and a breeze. Every window/skylight is open and things are humming along. My energy has returned - I feel recharged and full of that happy zest for living. I met a new quilter who donated many tops for our charity group to turn into lovely quilts and I bought only 2 yards of fabric! (we met at one of my favorite shops.)
I found a very old gift certificate at a great local bookshop, and they said it was still good-guilt free book shopping! The dog is happily napping out on the front deck and I am about to cut the second border for the string top. The first border is stitched on. I have a few promise blocks to make plus repairing a strap for a neighbor - then, I hope to stitch that second border on and layer the top for quilting. I will walk around the neighborhood later handing out the remainder of the invitations to a backyard party on Monday. One nieghbor will wheel down his bbq and a second will bring hers if necessary- it's a casual style party-my most favorite kind to throw. I need to go retrieve the big umbrella and break out those patio fun lights I bought in the spring. Summer is winding down around here and the time has flown without nearly enough celebrations in our 'hood.

Quilting and house cleaning and music and stopping to enjoy the light-what could be a better day?



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