Monday, September 10, 2007

weekend efforts

I spent Sunday catching up on some odds and ends of quilty things. These swaddling blankets are wrapped and ready to pass along to their new owners. One has flannel on the back-the yellow hearts one, and the other is plain yellow cotton fabric. One is being mailed off to a two month old baby girl and the other is a shower gift for another baby girl expected in about a month. On the string top, I printed my labels that I have been putting off and now need to do some wordsmithing and they will be done. Of course they will need to be stitched into the backing-probably tonight. That left blocks to be done. I pulled fabrics and made up one and it's being mailed off today. I will let that lucky person post a photo should they chose to. The last block I really, really do not want to make and I am struggling with myself over whether it is ok not to. Our guild always asks its members to make a block of the chairperson's choice as a going out of office gift. This outgoing person is really a lovely lady and a gifted quilt maker. She chose the North Wind block and so templates were handed out. The wrong size templates. I am not thrilled with working with triangles nor with templates-add into the mix knowing the templates are useless and I am not a happy camper. I pulled my books out to find another example of this block-however, none are in a nine inch finished size....argh! So, I pulled my graph paper out. I think I will draw it out and do my best. Or maybe I can ask my pal Linda to do it for I can not seem to convince myself it would be ok to not make one. It's due at our September meeting a few weeks from now. I also decided to start working on a ufo a choice I made weeks ago. I have to pull fabrics for it, which I am looking forward to-choosing colors is one of my favorite parts of planning a quilt. This is a foundation new york beauty- a class I think I was going to take probably back in 2000 and then did not.
I like this pattern and think I can have a lot of fun playing with it. At least it is something new and for me. I have had so many different ideas swirling around I finally just decided on this one.



At 10:03 AM, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I've wanted to make a NYB type quilt for forever!! I am a little intimidated by the paper piecing, but it's been calling me for so long!

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Linda C said...

Now didn't those swaddling blankets turn out just so cute?! Little baby is going to be just as snug as a bug in there and I know her mama is going to love the fabric you chose.

AND of course, you can ask me to do the template thing for you. I just need to know what the pattern is supposed to look like for sure. You know that many blocks have more than one name.

I wonder what the rest of the group is doing though--if the templates are bad, are the blocks going to be bad too if someone did not make the adjustments? Shudder to think. Actually the traditional Northwind is one that I have considered doing a time or two. You might be able to foundation piece it in which case, I can print those off on newsprint and send on to you. Let me know.


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