Thursday, September 11, 2008

on the run

Last night was a whirlwind of making phone calls and sending off emails as I am doing the PR work for one of my guilds quilt show next year. I was happy to get all the pieces in place and know that we will be part of a unified effort between four local quilt guilds/groups to promote all our quilt shows in a single way. I was disappointed when I went over to the bookstore to read through all the quilting magazines that only two carry anything that mentions quilt shows put on by local guilds. The days of being able to promote your local show in a national magazine seem to be over. I stopped subscribing to most of the quilt magazines I used to receive, so it was interesting to skim over all of them and see what is currently being written up. Nothing exciting enough to tempt me to buy any magazine -I have plenty of inspiration at home.
One of the nicest things was coming home to my booty swap package! I received some great goodies, good chocolate truffle bars, Lisa Boyer's book, That Dorky Homemade Look, which will be fun to read, and some wonderful fqs too. The little quilt is quite delightful, to see a photo that my partner took go here.
I have extra things going on today at work and leave from there for a guild meeting. It's going to be a late by the time I get home tonight.

Mostly I wanted to say thanks Becky for being a fun swap partner and I am happy with all my wonderful booty.



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