Saturday, January 25, 2014

yellow strip donation top progress

While I am on a coffee break I decided I would upload a photo as I am now just past the half way point of progress on this #12 (for my 2013 goal) donation top.  You also see two more strip sets ready to be added as well.  I am working on another narrow strip at the moment.  It currently is 30 degrees F outside, but with the sunshine pouring through my is quite warm in here!  I am happily enjoying the house to myself and playing my favorite music turned up, as I continue working away with my yellows.  I dumped stuff in here that was in "my way" out into other rooms for now.  Stuff piled up everywhere just distracts me when I want to be in the creating groove!  Yes, I will deal with it later tonight.  And no, I am NOT sharing photos of any of it.  We all know how "stuff" can stack up when you are hunting for just the right fabrics and then find other treasures in that search.
not a bad photo....ok...back to it!
loving the joy of working with this yellow top!



At 12:51 PM, Blogger sophie said...

Your sunny yellow quilt is such a happy sight on a cold gray winter's day.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger roccagal said...

just wonderful-i luv yellow!
I started a yellow string quilt but have only made a few blocks as other projects moved up in the rotation!
I may just have to re visit it!


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